Donate and Help Rescue Dogs

We’ll be adding a proper “Donate” form here shortly. But in the meantime buy a ticket in the current Winyourdream competition where all profits go to Freedom4dogs.

Winyourdream is run by Mike Chatha who is a massive dog lover and started this fundraising site. Mike recently gave £15,000 to Rushton to help get 10 dogs out of China, and has pledged 100% of profits from all his competitions to Freedom4dogs, which is then shared out between Rushton, Furry Angels, and Dog Bus.

We’d be really greatful of your help, so please get over to now and participate. The current competition closes in a few days on 28th Dec, and they would like to donate £50,000 if ticket sales are good!

Know that every ticket you buy is going to help dog rescue, and the more tickets you buy the more dogs you are helping to save.

The recent dog rescue paid for by Win Your Dream (November 2020)

Help Freedom4dogs and Buy YOUR tickets here!

As Cindi from Rushton says:

“Thank you SO much to Mike and Winyourdream for their recent £15,000 donation and helping support us. It makes all the difference in what has been a most difficult year.

A Big Thank You to everybody for all your support, it means the world to us.”