What’s the future looking like, can more be done?

animal rescue


“In order to rescue more dogs, it all comes down to finances. Because it’s such a lot to get the dogs out of China (boarding fees, vets fees, flights, etc).

Also there’s neutering. Rushton have done a neutering campaign in one of the shelters last year, but a lot of them don’t neuter the dogs and many of them breed in the shelters as well. So it’s just an ongoing horrendous problem.

And also a lot of the Chinese use the dog meat trade for their own advantage? They know that it pulls on the heart strings. They basically use it for fundraising purposes, but then don’t look after the dogs which end up getting mistreated in absolute squalor.

The first thing needed to make any serious changes are to introduce Animal Welfare laws into Asia. But they do not see it as important, it’s a terrible situation.”


“After the COVID-19 crisis dogs are been perceived as dangerous, dirty and threat to public health. No local adoptions. People are actually abandoning their own pets at higher rates than before.

Our perception is that the situation is getting worse. Why? Wuhan was the epicenter of COVID-19. At the beginning of the crisis local doctors said in public media that dogs and cats could transmit the disease. Many people, even professionals in the healthcare field believe it too

Unless, traveling goes back to normal it will become impossible. The numbers in the shelters keep growing and no adoptions. The problem is accentuated by the fact that airlines and agents are taking advantage of the situation, and charging astronomical prices to send dogs/cats by cargo. Many pet owners are using the flight volunteer system and they sadly take away spots that could be used to send rescues overseas.

Education is key. That’s needed but has to be done in a soft way working together with locals. We can’t go imposing our values. The change has to come from within. But we can support and establish partnerships and work together.”