What is the Scale of the Problem?


“Animal abuse is in general a BIG problem in China. HSI estimates that between 10 and 20 million dogs are killed in China for their meat annually, while Animals Asia puts the figure for cats at around 4 million per year.

In Wuhan, there are many dog meat markets and restaurants. Some people have a female dog and every year they raise the puppies and eat them during the winter. It’s a tradition to eat dog meat and drink dog soup.

In many parts of the city, dog meat eaters/traders, have traps they catch homeless dogs or even pets whose owners let them go outside alone. It’s relatively common in Wuhan.

Besides that, Wuhan has the issue that any dog taller than 45 cms shoulder height is illegal. Even if the dog has an owner it can’t be registered and the police can confiscate and kill them. Methods used are beaten to death, starvation or thrown to a pitt and they get burned. The police confiscate and trap about 500 dogs every day. They are immediately killed. Animals rescuers are not allow to rescue them.

During the COVID-19 crisis many people were terrified of their own pets. Many owners either throw them to the streets or killed them. Sadly, some doctors said that the dogs and cats could make you sick with the new virus. People believed it. People still believe it.”

MIKE, F4D: “Honestly, the more I find out about it the more it makes me sick. I can’t even bear to read the info or look at the pictures. But at the same time the penny drops that we need to do more.

Somebody’s got to do something, no matter how small. And if we all do something small together at the same time, it could be something big.”


“The scale of the dog meat trade in China is absolutely massive. It’s been around for years. And you’re not just talking about China, you’re also talking about Korea (although there have been some BIG changes because President Moon is a massive dog lover and has a rescue dog himself. And you’re also talking about the Philippines and Tailand.

The other problem that you have is that the animal shelters are full of dogs, kept in the most appauling conditions. Thousands of dogs piled up on each other.

The shelter workers are extremely poor as well, and many of the shelters would actually sell the dogs back to the meat trade when they haven’t got any money. That’s just happened with one that we deal with at the moment.

I don’t know if it’s getting any worse but it’s certainly not getting any better. They’re covering the trucks now so no one can see if there’s dogs inside. So the problem is not going to go away anytime soon. But we have to do what we can and still save one dog at a time.”