Win Your Dream Pledges 100% of Profits to Freedom4dogs

Mike Chatha of Win Your Dream has pledged 100% of profits from their house raffle competitions to go to Freedom4dogs.

Donations have dropped by 75% across the charity sector as people are no longer able to gather to hold fundraising events. But the costs remain the same.

Mike recently gave £15,000 to Rushton to help them bring 10 dogs home from China. It’s expensive business rescuing dogs from Asia as you’ve got the boarding bills, vets fees, agents fees, and last but not least the flight home. And that’s using volunteers only paying their own fuel and time.

£15,000 may sound a lot, but considering Rushton’s annual costs are around £250,000 a year, it doesn’t go far!

But it’s a start and every ticket sold in Win Your Dream’s competitions will go to help rescue dogs. And together we can these amazing organisations get more dogs out.