Tinka’s Story

Tinka is a meat trade survivor. We just can’t even imagine what he’s been through or seen before he came to Rushton.

When we first saw Tinka in a photo we knew he was some kind of poodle, in need of some love and attention. Whilst not looking in the greatest of shape he had a look in his eye that said, I’m trouble and I can get away with it.

Our first meeting was a huge hello, for him and us. So excited to see us as if we were old friends that hadn’t seen each other for a while. So many kisses, how could we refuse. He was carrying considerably more hair but still had a look in his eye and something of a poodle about him. On getting him home we were wondering exactly what we’d find out about him.

A few weeks later and here is Tinka. More of a poodle than we ever expected with a voice three times bigger. With his big bark comes a wonderful singing voice. If he wants something, or you’re too slow putting on your shoes he’ll give a little tune for you to hurry up. Going out, for a walk or anything is his favourite thing. He spends most of the rest of his day playing fetch and chasing balls or lounging on the window sill, waiting to see something to get hysterical about. He has become the centre of the household or to put it correctly, Tinka is now in charge.